Today at camp we are canoeing, doing archery, and having our tent sleep over.  At Girl Scout camp a sleepover always means s’mores!

a.m. snack: rice krispies bars (We are bringing our own gluten free ones)

lunch:  mini pizzas (english muffins, pizza sauce, cheese, pepperoni)

“Wood ticks on a toilet seat” (apples, cored and sliced in half horizontally, top with cream cheese or peanut butter, sprinkle with raisins or chocolate chips)

fruit punch, lemonade or water

cookies  (bring our own from freezer)

Dinner: pasta, sauce, motz cheese, salad, salad dressing, french bread, milk, water, punch

evening snack:   s’mores

We have gluten and dairy free krispie bars and cookies in the freezer (already individually wrapped so we just have to grab the number we need and go).  For the pizzas, I had one mini pizza already made in the freezer.  I made a batch of our favorite pizza crust then shaped and topped two more pizzas.  With the rest of the dough I made the sub buns for Wednesdays lunch and bread sticks for tonight’s dinner.

For dinner, I made gluten free veggie spirals noodles and topped with our own sauce to heat there.  We have veggie sticks instead of salad as it is more portable.

I have homemade graham crackers in the freezer, so those are being packed with marshmallows (I send their own baggies to roast so they aren’t crossed contaminated, etc.) and small squares of gluten and dairy free chocolate.  I tell the girls they are their “S’more Kits!”