Today we are going fishing with the girls at camp and going over canoes safety for when we go canoeing tomorrow.  And, of course, we are going to swim!

a.m. snack:  mixed up cracker snack

lunch: sub sandwiches (meat, cheese, pickles) cookies

root beer floats

For the snack the girls and I each have a bag of gluten free pretzels packed.

When I made mini pizzas and bread sticks for tomorrow’s food, I shaped part of the dough into 6″ sub buns.  I have the buns (sliced), a couple of types of GFCF deli-style meat in a baggie for each of us and baggies of pickles packed.  The camp has packets of mayo and mustard that are naturally gluten and dairy free and they will also have water melon and baby carrots.  I had our own chocolate chip cookies in the freezer to bring.  I made the camp cookies much larger than I normally do for home, so they would be extra fun for the girls.

The camp’s root beer is naturally gluten and dairy free and the camp bought a non-dairy, gluten free “ice cream” for us.  That is great!  Now I don’t have to figure out how to transport “ice cream” in a cooler!