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My little girl and big girl are in a group together.  Their group did the flag ceremony this morning with my big girl being the caller.


a.m. snack: fruit kabobs

Lunch:  ants on a log (celery, choc chips, peanut butter)

Girl Scout Gumbo (hamburger, cheese, vegetable soup) with Frito’s

Brownies in a box

Fruit punch, lemonade and water

For our “appetizer” our group will be having cream cheese on out celery logs due to other allergies (no peanut products for our group!) so I am bringing Toffuti Cream cheese and GFCF chocolate chips.  The camp leader isn’t doing the more usual raisins on the “ants on a log” as she finds the girls flick them into the woods attracting critters…

For the gumbo, it’s the same as I have done in the past:  ground meat cooked with onion, green pepper and tomato.  We stir in a bit of Toffutti “sour cream” after heating at camp.  Bring corn chips in individual bags.

The girls will help make the brownies in a box.  The brownies will be cooked in a box oven, so it should be fun.  We are bringing our own already made gluten and dairy free brownies to eat.  There is a great tutorial on how to make a box oven here.