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I’m walking 60 miles in the Breast Cancer 3-day!  Will you help me reach my goal?


I think the upcoming week is completely crazy…  Why, oh why, do the things for summer start before the things end at the end of the school year?  It’s nuts!  On top of that, I am not sure why I thought scheduling dental cleanings this week was a good idea…  hmmmm, maybe I am the nutty one.  I will be relying heavily on my menu plan this week and try to have most meals made before the kids get home so we can we dinner as a picnic at the various activities.  That worked pretty well last week.


Head over to Laura’s for Menu Plan Monday.  Sea of Book of Yum is the host for this week’s Gluten Free Menu Swap.  She has picked zucchini for the week.  I don’t have it in my garden yet, but we have planted the seeds.  Yum!


Be sure to join me on Friday for Gluten Free-zer Friday and next Monday when I am hosting the Gluten Free Menu Swap.  I have chosen avocados for the theme ingredient.



Gluten Free Menu Swap Monday


The crossed off things on the week are things scheduled, but due to not being able to clone my kids or myself, and being unable to warp the space-time continuum, we will not be doing…  Ha!

Monday:  Son:  Boy Scouts/Baseball Game/Band concert   –   oldest daughter:  orchestra day/track practice  –  youngest daughter:  dance practice  –  Mom: prep for class

Hamburgers, french fries, spinach salad


Tuesday:  son:  piano lessons –  oldest daughter: piano lessons (grandma is bringing them)/soccer practice  –  youngest daughter:  dental cleaning  –   Mommy finishes prep and teaches class

 French Bread Sandwiches (with ham, turkey, tomatoes, spinach and sprouts), fruit







Wednesday:  mommy volunteer in school library  –  oldest daughter:  first track meet/last drama club for year

Taco Chili, tortilla chips, quac, fruit


Thursday:  oldest daughter:  Fifth Grade Folk Festival/soccer practice    –  Mom goes to 9:45 a.m. Folk Festival and video tape it/help with kindergarten to “have lunch” at school/leader at last Daisy meeting of year  –  Youngest daughter:  Have “lunch” at school like a 1st grader/Daisy meeting

Maple Chile Pork Tenderloin, sauteed zucchini 


Friday:  dad and mom to middle school transition meeting at 7:30 a.m.  –    Oldest:  dental cleaning/baseball practice

   Pizza, salad


I hope you all have a great week!

Countdown to the 3-day walk: 14 Weeks

Your Training Schedule for This Week:

Monday Rest
Tuesday 3 miles Easy walking
Wednesday 30 minutes Moderate cross-training
Thursday 5 miles Moderate walking
Friday 30 minutes Easy cross-training
Saturday 10 miles Easy walking
Sunday 6 miles Easy walking