Organized Christmas started it’s countdown yesterday.  Day One includes the welcome message, explains about the upcoming ‘Get Organized Week,’ encourages and explains how to set up a Christmas holiday planning center, and has a silly  “Pumpkin Poop” recipe for your little goblins…  If you want to follow along with the Houseworks Holiday cleaning plan, which focuses on the public spaces in your home, you will find that here.  


Day Two focuses on making a Holiday Planner, which is great for me because I have mine all put together from following the plan for the past few years.  I will look at the free printouts and see if anything has been added that I could use, however.  The recipe for today is a pumpkin spice cookie with a browned butter glaze.  My gluten and dairy free version of a pumpkin cookie is here.  


I love following the free planning schedule and cleaning assignments.  I am frankly not that organized and find it nice to just have assignments to do to keep me on track for Christmas while I keep everyday life moving along.  This week for Christmas and Thanksgiving I will also be making a batch of gluten free ginger snaps for the freezer. I will probably double the recipe and divide in 3 freezer containers with a few in the cookie jar (one container for Christmas, one for Thanksgiving, and one for gifts or “just because.”  I am also going to double one of our meals to freeze and save for the holiday season.  I like to have extra meals in the freezer during the holidays, because everything seems to get so busy and having the back up is a lifesaver time wise, and is easier on the budget!


Head over to Laura’s for Menu Plan Monday to see an amazing amount of meal plans.  For the Gluten Free Menu Swap, see Asparagus Thin who is hosting this week.  She has chosen the theme of coconut, which is GREAT!  I love everything about coconut, the oil, the milk, the water…  mmmm.  This week, I will be making a new batch of coconut kefir (I follow the instructions here).  Crockpot 365 made dairy yogurt in her crockpot last week, and even though I can make coconut yogurt really easily and without a yogurt maker at home,  I am hoping to make my coconut yogurt following the instructions on her blog, but using coconut milk.  How great and easy would that be?

Gluten Free Menu Swap Monday - Coconut

Don’t forget to come on back for the Gluten Free Edition of Freezer Food Friday and link a recipe to share.  See you then!


Monday:  Orchestra day/Boy Scout meeting (dutch oven cooking night)/make chicken stock

    Chicken Salad Grilled Sandwiches (or chicken, veggie and rice noodle soup) and salad


Tuesday:  Science Club/Piano lessons/make meatloaf mix (freeze 4 mixes worth)

    Mini meatloaves and roasted Brussels Sprouts


Wednesday:  Science Club/mom volunteer in school library

    Fried Rice with whatever is “left over” (using leftover pre-soaked rice, and any mushrooms, veggies, meats, etc.) that can be incorporated…


Thursday:  mom volunteer in kindergarten

      Taco Chili (similar to this link, using Green Mountain Gringo’s Roasted Garlic Salsa and my own taco seasoning mix), salad


Friday:  mom volunteer at kindergarten Halloween party/Early Release Day from school for all kids/harvest party at local church

    Chili Maple Glazed Pork Tenderloin, stir fried bok choy, and pumpkin pie-sicles 


Saturday:  Halloween Party for the big girl

     Tacos at the request of the kids (probably shredded chicken tacos)