Bye-bye, summer!  Hello, school schedule!  Yeah, I know, I am weird, but I really love the beginning of the school year – all those fresh notebooks and fresh possibilities…  I am having a bit of trouble with the adjustment this year, though.  My kids are ready for and excited for school but I don’t think I am ready for how old they are.  Seventh grade, fifth grade and kindergarten.  Sigh…  I can’t pretend they are babies anymore, huh?

Head over to the Organizing Junkie for Menu Plan Monday and see what will be on everyone else’s plate!  If you want to check out only gluten free menus, head over to the Gluten Free Menu Swap hosted this week by Gluten Free Goodness.  The theme ingredient is peppers which will easily show up in several places in my menu as there are several getting ready to be harvested in the garden.  Lucky me!

On another note, are any of you gluten-free types heading to the Gluten-Free Culinary Summit in Rhode Island September 19 – 21, 2008?  I am able to go and would love to meet anyone else who may be going! 

Monday: help big girl train for 5k

             Turkey apple burgers (on GF buns with garden tomatoes and greens), watermelon,  a salad made with corn, sun-dried tomatoes and black olives, and mango lemonade I think we’ll have gluten and dairy free root beer floats to top it all off.   (Gotta finish the summer in style!)

                 Housekeeping: Change Sheets/Wash blankets/Vacuum main floor/ /be sure camera batteries are charged/work on updated chore lists with kiddos/go over calendar with kids for upcoming week

    Food: Bake 3 loaves GFCF bread/Make Noah’s Rolls to use in French toast casserole/have kiddos pack school lunch and snack tonight

Tuesday:  First day of school for the girlies/prep for class

Breakfast:  French toast casserole by my kid’s request

Slow cooker chicken legs, salad, and seasoned sweet potato fries

                Housekeeping:  bring out all trash and recycling/clean bathroom mirrors/have kids dust their rooms/mop kitchen/clean up any outdoor toys hanging out on porch or in yard and put away for the weekends

                Food stuff:  bake banana muffins, freeze

WednesdayFirst day of school for the big boy/mommy gets a nap/big guy has rehearsal at church

           Pork lo mien made with garden veggies and gluten free noodles

            Housekeeping: dust main floor/prep for class/wipe down dining area walls/clean counters in kitchen/clean the toilets/sweep front porch and shake out mats /wipe down bathroom cabinets

            Food stuff: shop for and make work lunches and dinners for hubby, freeze

Thursday: shop and prep for class/ train with big girl for 5k

               Slow cooker beef stew, salad and cornbread

            Housekeeping stuff: remove dining chair covers and wash (do after dinner and air dry overnight)/clean up the insane shoe pile by the door

Friday:  prep for class

               Honey mustard grilled chicken, salad

            Housekeeping:  mop kitchen/clean stove inside and out/clean stove hood/quick clean up in each room of the house/dust light above table/clean phones and light switches on main floor

The weekend:

Saturday: Mommy teaches/water and trim houseplants/train with big girl for 5k/big boy and daddy off to volunteer at IronMan Wisconsin, so it’s a girly-girl weekend!!  (I’m thinking polk-dot pedicures for the girls and renting the Muppet Movie.)

               Housekeeping:  be sure chore list is working for kids and me then laminate and post on fridge

Sunday:  go through food adds and menu plan/ go over calendar and upcoming week with kids after lunch

To do over the next two weeks:

Plan/list/pack for trip

Plan/list/make and set up for kid food for my mom – post on fridge

Make list/calendar for my mom –post on fridge

New school time things to add to everyday:

Have kiddos pack lunches and snacks the night before school, put in fridge

Have kiddos set up for breakfast the night before school

Have kiddos pick out what they are wearing for school the night before

Have kiddos pack/organize backpacks to night before

Go over planners/’peek of the week’ folders  with kiddos after school

Have kiddos empty their part of dishwasher before school

Kiddos practice piano 5 times a week/other music (violin and clarinet) 3 times a week

Work on food price book for 20-30 min each day until done

Everyday house stuff (this is always the hope…a girl can dream…):

make beds

feed pets

dishes (all done before bed!!)

sweep kitchen, dining area, entry ways

clean kitchen and bathroom sinks/wipe counters

Change dishtowel/sponge and hand towels every other day

Kids do a 15 pickup in their bedrooms and living room

Walk dogs

Water porch plants

Weed 2 foot square part of garden/replant any greens etc. that are needed

load of laundry (wash/dry/PUT AWAY)

harvest from the garden

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Monday, September 1, 2008 – 05:05 PM
wow, time files.  Your menu looks awesome!  I’d love to hear more about the honey mustard grilled chicken.  DH likes mustard (I don’t) but I do try to humor him from time to time.
the GF summit sounded interesting, but I’m way too busy at this point.  enjoy!
Have a great week.

Monday, September 1, 2008 – 06:00 PM
I’ll post the Honey Mustard chicken tomorrow.  It’s pretty tasty and EASY!  That’s the best part.  

I’m excited about the summit.  It should be fun.  I can’t wait to eat all weekend without worrying and without having to be the one cooking!  Hahaha

Monday, September 8, 2008 – 07:06 PM
Again, I’m just tired reading about all you have to do each day!  Can’t imagine how I’d feel actually doing it!  I love that you have this list so people can actually see how much a SAHM does each day!  Can’t wait until Friday when Spa starts!

Monday, September 8, 2008 – 08:39 PM
Thanks for the egg free cooking info you gave me.I came by to see your pumpkin waffle recipe.You can guess what I’m cooking for breakfast this weekend.  I can’t wait.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008 – 06:50 PM
mom I love school too and that chicken thing sounds good+ I love the pumpkin waffle’s(so does marty)