Cooking Group Challenges


Gluten Free Ratio Rally:

Secret Recipe Club:


Lemon Berry Donut Holes





Nutty Marshmallows






Roasted Dijon Brussels Sprouts








Warm Lemon Pudding

Iron Cupcake:

November 2008 – Cranberry (Orange Cranberry with Maple “Buttercream”)


Daring Baker Challenges:

June 2008 – Danish Braid (Apple Filling, Danish Dough, and Danish Braid)

July 2008 – Filbert Gateau with Praline Buttercream

October 2008 – Pizza Crust (egg free)

November 2008 – Caramel Cake


Daring Cook Challenges:

June 2009 – Chinese Dumplings/Potstickers


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