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What’s the deal with donating to Angela’s Kitchen?

So, what’s the deal with donating to Angela’s Kitchen? You may have noticed that  a “Donate” button appeared on the right-hand side of the site. Didn’t notice? Perhaps you should check it out.  There is a cute little piggy bank that looks like this:  

In case you think that I am going to stop posting recipes if you don’t start paying me, I wanted to clarify.  Over the last few years, off-and-on, I have received  emails from readers that use this my site and its recipes indicating that they think that I should have a donate button.   That they would be willing to pay me or donate a bit to help support my site.  (Very sweet of them!)

I have also had readers ask if I have ever thought about charging or turn my site into a “recipe club” where you subscribe and receive access to content.   But, that has never been my intention or goal. It is my plan to keep this site free of charge to help everyone who needs delicious gluten free, dairy free food for their families.

I have started putting a bit of advertising on the site after 5 years to try to make a little (and I do mean very little) money on the site to help support the server and to hopefully receive a bit to purchase extra ingredients to experiment with (so far, though, I have not seen any payout on that…)  I have lots of recipes I would like to work on to share with you, my readers, however, the budget makes the rules.  🙂
If you are not able or don’t feel led, PLEASE, do not feel guilty for not hitting the donate button. It really is just there for those that feel led to.  However, if readers feel they would like to donate or feel that the services are worth their money, I will be happy to oblige. :) After all, if I am actually making money to help support my family, that means that I’ll have more time, energy, desire to keep providing you with new and innovative resources.  I might even eventually get to add some new features I want to add to make the site even better for you.

I love what I do and it will continue into the future no matter what!