Only seven weekdays left of school for my kiddos.  You can bet the countdown has started at my house! We’ve been winding the school year down; the last orchestra and band concerts, the last Girl Scout meetings, the last after school clubs, the last piano lesson of the year.  I can’t wait for summer vacation to get here (I am worse than the kids whining for it…)


This week I have all sorts of lovely plants and lots of lovely seeds to put in my garden.  However, the weather is NOT cooperating with me.  Every time the rain lets up for long enough, I have to dash out and stick something into the ground before it starts to rain again.  No need to water in, the rain comes right back.  And, ya know, even though the rain is showing off and being all fancy with glittering lightning and impressive thunder does not change the fact that I am ready for it to move on…  Off you go, rain.  Scoot!

I’m linking this post to Laura’s blog for Menu Plan Monday.  I am also joining the Gluten Free Menu Swap which is being hosted by Wendy of Celiacs in the House.  She has picked seasonal foods for the theme this week.  Ya-hoo!  I am excited about this one.  In my area I am seeing kale, rhubarb, spinach, green onions, chives, radishes and beet greens.  I am set to make more kale chips, toss some spinach into my green smoothies or make a strawberry-rhubarb smoothie, can rhubarb jelly, and add a bunch of spring veggies into my fried rice this week.  With spring taking so long to get going this year, I am ready to visit the farmer’s market and gather tasty things from my garden.  That is, if it ever stops raining long enough for me to harvest!


Monday: No school/teenage study group over/bake banana bread and muffins/bake pound cake

Grilled Steak and Napa Cabbage Slaw

Tuesday: Bake treat for piano recital/harvest rhubarb/work on garden/piano recital/yummy Santa Fe-Style Quinoa Salad will be posted at OAMM

Chicken and Spring Veggie Fried Rice


Wednesday: Dance lesson/harvest rhubarb – can rhubarb jelly and rhubarb BBQ sauce

Thai-style burgers and Kale-idoscope Potato Salad


Thursday: Soccer game/bake raspberry crumb coffee cake/bake rhubarb strussel muffins/freeze rhubarb

Fish Tacos and Red Cabbage Slaw



Chicken Mango Salad with grilled GF French Bread