AK canning jar

Head over to Laura’s for Menu Plan Monday.  For the Gluten Free Menu Swap, M-Elle of Cooking and Uncooking is hosting this week.  The theme she has chosen is “leftovers.”  Great for us!  The kids are home this week and for lunches we will be finishing the cranberry relish and other leftovers and having “planned leftovers” to make the cooking at a minimum so that I can enjoy my family time more.  Today will see me planning out the rest of our week and seeing when we can sled with friends, what treats  to bring for the New Year’s Party, grocery shopping, etc.


I have taken a couple of weeks off from Slow Cooking Thursday and Gluten Free-zer Friday, but will be back with them this week, so see you then…

Gluten Free Menu Swap Monday


Monday:  Make broccoli salad for hubby/bake GF Swedish Rye / paint both girl’s nails with snowman pattern

Breakfast:  Scrambled eggs, clementines

Lunch:  Sandwiches or leftovers

Pork Roast with Mango-Papaya Chutney and Salad


Tuesday:  Make treats for New Year’s Eve party/Make GFCF cinnamon roll dough and freeze/big girl to friend house to plan Girl Scout meeting then that evening she has a roller skating party for the safety patrol kids

Breakfast:  GF pancakes, fruit

Lunch:  Sandwiches or leftovers

Dinner:  Herb crusted fish and salad


Wednesday:  New Year’s Eve Day/before bed take frozen cinnamon buns and put in pan to thaw and proof for morning

Breakfast:  Hot GF cereal and fruit

Lunch:  Sandwiches or leftovers

Dinner:  Ground Beef and Bean Stew and crispy herbed GFCF Bread Sticks


Thursday:  New Year’s Day/bake cinnamon buns for brunch/chat with kids about things to bake for lunches (we need to restock our lunch supplies in the freezer)

Breakfast:  cinnamon rolls and fruit

Lunch:  sandwiches and fruit

Dinner:  leaving it open right now for kid/hubby choice as everyone has off and we are not sure of our plans yet (my husband has requested smashed cauliflower, so that will be here somewhere…)


Friday:  Bake lunch items to put in the freezer

Breakfast:  Cereal, leftover cinnamon rolls, fruit

Lunch:  sandwiches or leftovers

Dinner:  leaving it open for kid/hubby choice as everyone has off and we are not sure of our plans yet