Day 13‘s assignment is to do a quick family wardrobe check.  This is always helpful for me because I never seem to have nylons without runs right when I am getting ready to go somewhere!


 Just as a heads up for everybody, I had some inquiry about weather I really do each of these assignments EVERY day.  Well, no.  Most of them I can kind of pool together to work on at the same time on a weekend or after dinner.  Family values, meal planning and baking list is usually all done at once for me.  Putting things on the calendar and checking the clothes we have for the events naturally go together.  That helps me keep things in order and in perspective without becoming overwhelmed.  Also, understand I have a holiday planning book all done from past years.  The first year or two (or three!) my plan was not very filled out.  I added a bit more each year until I had something really workable for our family.  Just do bits at a time.  The assignments are meant to help reduce holiday stress, not increase it.  I do have to say that I am a person that likes a nice outline already made up (so I don’t have to think too much!) and this plan really helped me put one together.


Today’s recipe is garlic mashed potatoes.  This is one that I do not make ahead.  I think potatoes alter their texture too much for my taste when frozen (especially when you can’t use a lot of dairy to compensate for the texture change).  Potatoes cook up so fast for the meal, so I just make them on the day of our feast.