Today for Day Four of Organized Christmas they encourage you to do a “Family Values Check.”  Fancy magazines and home and garden shows will be enticing us all with their versions of Christmas, but what is it that makes Christmas important for your family?  What are the things you would like to do with you family to achieve that?  I find this really helpful for me, as I get sucked into the shiny magazine covers, but having thought things through first with my family helps to keep my grounded on where I need to spend my time and energy for the upcoming season.


Day Four‘s recipe is Reindeer Chow.  I would make a gluten and dairy free version of “Puppy Chow” with sunbutter instead of peanut butter, because that is what we like.  To take the edge of the sugar in the “Puppy Chow”, I mix the coated “Puppy chow” with gluten free pretzels, mixed chopped dried fruit and roasted mixed nuts.  Toss to combine.  I can post the recipe, if anyone is interested.