Last week, on Monday, heavy wet snow fell the entire day.  However, by Friday most had melted and we got to enjoy the outdoors.  My kids spent tons of time this weekend soaking up the milder temps.  I got to go to an AFAA Food Allergy Conference with my friend. Laurie.  It was very informative and the speakers on managing your food allergies on a daily basis and for school had some great information.  


While at the conference, I picked up a new cookbook (of course) you might want to check out.  It is 8 Degrees of Ingredients by Melisa K. Priem.  There are over 250 recipes, all free of the 8 most common food allergens AND all are gluten free!  Woo!  I am going to have fun perusing this one!  On Friday, I am whipping up batches of Country Chicken and Apple Sausage Patties and Sweet Potato Cakes to have on hand in the freezer.  Yum!


Today my little sweetheart is five-years-old.  All day yesterday she kept reminding me it was her last day of being four, as if I could forget.  Just rub it in, why don’t ch’a!  It’s okay, I’m being brave.  I can hardly believe it, that’s all…   Tonight’s dinner has been chosen by the birthday girl, and you will notice a “teeny-tiny” theme in the menu.  Cute food in miniature – that’s my girl!


Head over to Menu Plan Monday to see what’s on everybody else’s plate this week.  Then cruise over to the Gluten Free Menu Swap to check out the gluten free tastiness!  The theme is asparagus, which is so good this time of year.


Below is the Month of Menu’s from Family Fun.  It’s not gluten free, but you might get some fun ideas for your menu planning.  I always like to see if there are cute ideas for the kiddos.













Monday: Boy Scouts and my little lovey’s 5th birthday: 

Mini Menu – tiny “hot dogs”, tiny turkey burgers on tiny buns, tiny pickles, spinach salad with mango sliced into tiny matchsticks (do ya see the theme?)  and a pink strawberry teddy bear cake with homemade strawberry “ice cream”.  I’ll post pics tomorrow!

Gluten-free baking for the day:  birthday cake and bread


Tuesday: Piano lesson night:  Chicken Salad Sandwiches, veggie sticks, and berries

            Gluten-free baking for the day:  I gotta get some breakfast muffins in the freezer, and some waffles too!


Wednesday:  Slow Cooker Pork Lo Mein (recipe will be posted)


Thursday:  Girl Scouts:  Slow Cooking Thursday:  Slow Cooker Veggies and Orange Beef served on Rice (recipe will be posted)


Friday:  Freezer Friday:  Mom’s night off!  Daddy’s cooking (or picking up) dinner.

        Make for freezer:  Country Chicken and Apple Sausage Patties and Sweet Potato Cakes


Saturday: I’ll probably be roasting up some asparagus that day drizzled with olive oil and topped with caramelized shallots…mmmm…