Here is a mini freezer menu with flavors of the Southwest.  This mini menu is perfect for when you don’t want to do a big cooking day/weekend, but have a few hours and a bunch of sale ground meat to put up in the freezer.


This makes 6 meals for my family.  When assembling the meals, I usually like to put one aside for dinner that evening and freezer the rest.  This is portioned for my family, so there are 8 servings per meal.  Of course if you have a smaller family, say 4 people to feed, you will have double the number of meals for your family.  Bonus!

This menu consists of:

Easy Taco Bake (do a single recipe)

Mexi-burgers (do a double recipe)

Enchilada Meatballs (do a double recipe)

Printable freezer labels.

Printable Grocery List (link will be live tomorrow)