Well, it’s getting chilly here.  7 degrees or so.  My Christmas t


ree is up (no decorations but the lights so far) and the kids are practicing Christmas music for the piano.  You know I got to make cookies!  I especially have to get moving because I would like to take some tasty treats to Arizona to my Mom-in-law next weekend when we visit.

I have dough for cut outs and gingerbread kids in the fridge that I made up today and hope to bake later tonight or tomorrow.  I need to get the kids and my hubby to let me know what they just HAVE to have cookie-wise this year before I make too much more.

So many cookies, so little time…

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Friday, December 1, 2006 – 12:32 AM
So many cookies…so little time.  Sounds like a great title for your next Spa newsletter piece (hint, hint)  Can you submit some cookie recipes?  And maybe even some tips for decorating…plus a picture.  Am I asking for too much during this often busy time of year??????