I hope everyone’s Thanksgiving was great!  It was a bit weird for me as we were missing some very important people:  Dave and Kim, my mother-in-law and her hubby.   We missed you guys!

I was able to get the rest of my sides assembled on Wednesday, so on Thursday all that was left was popping the turkey into the roaster.  While the turkey was “resting” after roasting, all of the sides went into the oven to heat  and I made the gravy.  I was so glad to have most of it done ahead of time.  Doing some of it ahead also meant less dishes on Thanksgiving.  Gotta love that.

Later that night, Daddy had to nap for work, so the kids and I piled up on the couch and watched “Cars.”  Snuggle time with the kiddies is one of the top things I am thankful for!