Don’t cook alone!

by angelaskitchen on November 20, 2006

I confess.  I have not really started for Thanksgiving yet.  Well, the food is here (except last minute things like salad) thanks to my mom shopping for me yesterday and I have my plan I made a couple of years ago.  Oh, and our furniture has been rearranged so that we can fit more than 5 people into our living room, thanks to my husband.  But cook for it yet?  Nope.  I had too many other things to do and look forward to this week such as getting together with my friends and making marinades.

I have wanted to do something similar forever.  How much fun is it to do these bulk things by yourself?  All it took was having Cari say, “Let’s do it !”  And the next thing you know it’s a party.  Even with Cari’s lack of measuring spoons (?!) we made over 70 marinades (everyone took home 7 different ones) Then we cut out and decorated cookies for Andrea’s husband who is in Iraq right now.  Boy will he be surprised when he opens up his cookies and finds bikinis , martinis and ladies along with Christmas trees!  It was so fun.

And Thanksgiving?  It will come together.  It always manages to.  Don’t stress on the details and try to remember why you are doing the big meal in the first place.  I know what I am thankful for.   God’s grace and patience, my husband (his patience, too!), my sweet kids, and my friends which just seem to be overflowing my life right now (go mom spa and small group!)  You guys rock AND roll!

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Monday, November 20, 2006 – 10:40 PM
Why is everyone picking on me on their blogs!!!!!

Tuesday, November 21, 2006 – 06:56 AM
Because we love you!

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