Okay, just one more icing relating thing….squeeze bottles.  I got six of these at my nifty cake/cookie/candy/etc. store Sweet Celebrations (the store formally known at Maid of Scandinavia).  They have a great catalog that you can browse or order on their web site www.sweetc.com

These were so handy this weekend.  My kids (even the littlest munchkin) were able to squeeze frosting where they wanted it and when some icing came out to fast from my 3 year olds tube, I just put on a smaller tip.  Very nifty.  I bought the 8 oz. and frosting bag caps to cap them.  At $1.76 each, I was one happy cookie girl!

I also tried the third frosting this weekend.  The kids liked the taste.  It doesn’t set up as hard as royal icing, but it is still is firm enough to stack gently if completely dried.  I have a few in the freezer to test how it freezes and thaws.

Have fun trick-or-treating tonight everybody!