Fruit Salad, Girl Scout Style!

by angelaskitchen on July 27, 2006

AK canning jar

Our gluten and dairy free twist on Girl Scout Fruit Salad.



EQUIPMENT: Bowl, can opener, long handled spoon

Cooking Method: none

Preparation Time: 5 min

INGREDIENTS:                                 GFCF Ingredients:

Fruit Cocktail                                       The camp used ALL fresh fruit!

Mandarin Oranges                              Same

Bananas – sliced (optional)

Small Marshmallows (optional)       be sure GFCF, but we skipped it (use vegan and/or corn free if needed)

Sour Cream or Whipped Cream       we skipped this


Stir fruit cocktail and mandarin oranges (and bananas & marshmallows if used) together in a bowl. Spoon in sour cream (or whipped cream) and stir just until fruit is coated – don’t add too much sour cream. Eat cold.

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